TOH Builders Inc. is the choice builder for the
VAZBUILT Building Technology System

VAZBUILT Technology modular homes are built with prefabricated, reinforced concrete panels and structurally sound columns and beams. This system was invented for the Filipino, by a Filipino who understands our Filipino needs.

A VAZBUILT Technology modular home can be designed to stand on concrete stilts, raised from the street level in flood-zones, providing a safety option for your family in a flood zone area. The VAZBUILT house also assembles efficiently on uneven terrain, without sacrificing its beauty, and durability. Get all these great qualities without compromising the aesthetic of your home. The VAZBUILT Technology prefabricated panels come in an array of beautiful designs to choose from to suit your preference in appearance, all molded with pure reinforced concrete.


The Vazbuilt Technology system works by establishing structurally sound concrete foundations underground, which are planted every 2 meters. These foundations are then used to anchor the columns and are sealed in place with the pouring of concrete. Once the foundations and columns are laid out and secured, workers slide reinforced concrete panels into place until complete walls are formed The panels and columns are then secured with more cement and left to dry before painting the finished product.

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