Getting Housework Done

Just like our bodies, our home need to get checkups every now and then to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. For us in construction, we think that summertime is the best time to check the home for any maintenance work that needs to get done. We prefer doing this over the summer, though unbearable, because it is a dry season and will help in accomplishing work a lot quicker without the strain that rain brings. And with the rainy season just a few weeks away, we think it wise to make sure that your home is rainy season ready so you can lounge to the pitter patter in peace.

Here are 6 things we think are essential to check on every year:

1. Inspect Roofing
With the rainy season right on our heels, it would be wise to have the condition of your roof assessed by a professional. Check for any leaks, missing shingles or roofing tiles to avoid any further damage, and to get the roof reinforced for better home protection.

2. Check For Termites
If your home has an abundance of wood, whether it be in furniture or interior works, it is always healthy to have the home checked for termites to prevent any further damage. Termites can eat into wood work and will cause walls and beams to weaken significantly or to collapse. The repair needed for this may cost more than a termite inspection, so we think it would be well worth it.

3. Clear Gutters and Downspouts
One thing that may cause leaks into the home is a gutter or downspout that isn’t functioning properly. Check on them every now and then to ensure that there is nothing to block the water flow of the rain. Some spouts can also corrode with time and will need some replacing so rainwater can have a direct path to a street gutter.

4. Resurface The Floor
Is your floor looking dull? Does it seem to be holding on to dirt more than usual due to texture? That means it’s time to have your floor resurfaced. Reveal a new layer of stone, wood or concrete to add a brightness to the room. And with a highly polished finish, your floors will hold on to less dirt, making it rainy season ready.

5. Refresh the Paint
Being in a tropical country, all homes and structures endure intense sun for most of the year. And with time, paint fades and will lose its vibrancy, can blister, crack, and grow mildew, which adds age to the appearance of a space or structure.  Inspecting for a needed paint job also provides the opportunity to invite smaller maintenance work to prolong the overall life of the home, as well as the paint.

6. Check on Electrical Works and Fire Safety
Because our more recent summers have been bringing extreme heat, it could cause older wires to overheat and melt or cause a fire. If you’re living in an old house, ask a professional to come in and check on the condition of the electrical work that lines your home. Though this may be costly, it will be well worth it as this can help you save more money over time for better conducted electricity, fire hazard prevention, as well as an opportunity to update the wiring for developing internet service.